Amber Heard wanted op-ed out at ‘optimal timing’: ‘All a publicity stunt’

Amber Heard reportedly ordered her op-ed released to coincide with Aquaman for ‘maximum publicity’.

The conversation arose once Johnny Depp’s legal team began their examination.

Depp’s lawyer even asked, “Didn’t [Amber Heard] tell the ACLU that she wanted the op-ed to come out just after Aquaman was released?”

Mr Dougherty immediately chimed in at that point and admitted, “I believe that’s correct.”

Amber Heard accused of ‘playing mind games’ with Johnny Depp

He also testified, “I do recall that there was a conversation about the optimal timing for the op-ed piece.”

Depp’s lawyers utilized this testimony to explain Amber Heard’s alleged marketing ploy and explained how it was used to “boost” Ms Heard’s profile while Aquaman was still playing in theatres.

This was also allegedly intended for use in the box office, ultimately.

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