American political scientist schools Indians on the Afghan crisis

American political scientist, Dr. Carol Christine Fair, who is an associate professor at the Security Studies Program of the Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University, has allegedly schooled an Indian Twitter user against the Indian role in the ongoing Afghanistan crisis. 

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Dr. Fair’s work which is primarily focused on South Asia with a specific focus on countering terrorism in South Asian countries including India, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lank, and Pakistan allows her the advantage of knowledge.

Having authored books like In Their Own Words: Understanding the Lashkar-e-Tayyaba (Oxford University Press), Fighting to the End: The Pakistan Army’s Way of War (Oxford University Press), Pakistan’s Enduring Challenges (University of Pennsylvania Press, 2015), Policing Insurgencies: Cops as Counterinsurgents (Oxford University Press, 2014); Political Islam and Governance in Bangladesh among others Dr. Fair has extensive knowledge on the matter. 

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Taking to the social networking website Twitter, Dr. C. Christine Fair responded to a tweet criticizing young Afghan women for seeking support from global female leaders, “Why would you be surprised? The world doesn’t revolve around India…especially when you are fighting for your life. And it turns out that those promised visas from India never transpired.” She went on to say that the act of promising visas was nothing short of a “PR stunt” and that India didn’t even bother to evacuate the Afghans who had worked in the home of the Ambassador. 

Following this tweet, an Indian social media user argued that India is not obligated to take in refugees claiming, “we have our hands full!” 

The Twitter user by the name, Sudhanshu Bijalwan added, “Afghans working in Indian ambassador’s home, aren’t like Afghans working in US-controlled security apparatus, one would think”.

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In response, Dr. Fair shared a thread of tweets schooling the Indian about the realities of the ongoing crisis in Afghanistan while reminding him of the eventual consequences India should be prepared for.

The American scholar tweeted that India had “made a big deal” about issuing the visas “for ALL Afghans” regardless of their religious inclinations. She argued, that many Afghans have “wasted precious time” and that “Lying for a PR stunt while people are dying is wrong.”

The scholar continued to criticize the Indian policy by saying that one has to be a “half-wit” to think that Afghani citizens who had worked for India would be safe under the Taliban rule. Dr. Fair remarked, “With what great insights or access to information do you form your deeply flawed and also asinine opinion?”

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Furthermore, Dr. Fair argued that she will think of the ignorant tweet when Indians would inevitably be forced into becoming refugees in lieu of the climate change crisis. Continuing her tweet, Dr. Fair argued what if at the time the world says that we are sorry your drowning but we don’t have any space for you and we are not obligated to do so either. 

Dr. Fair concluded the thread by remarking that most people are “not as shitty as you are” and it is most likely that Indians will manage to find a home as their own go underwater. 

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