Amnesty International Criticizes Hong Kong Police

Sources confirm, Amnesty International has criticized Hong Kong Police for using excessive force against protesters.

Hong Kong (20th Sept, 2019): Amnesty International has reportedly accused Hong Kong police on Friday reasoning that they are using excessive force against pro-democracy protesters.

According to reports, Amnesty International on Friday has reportedly accused the Hong Kong police of using excessive force against protesters. Sources confirm that Amnesty International has alluded that the Hong Kong police is using means of torture as well as a “disturbing pattern of reckless and unlawful tactics” against the pro-democracy protesters, according to Nicholas Bequelin, the East Asia Director for Amnesty International.

Recent report based on interviews of activists who needed to be hospitalized for treatment following their arrests, it has been confirmed that Hong Kong police, goes beyond levels of force allowed to them by the law including global standards. Amnesty’s East Asia Director has further stated, that this use of force includes “arbitrary arrests and retaliatory violence” which has in many cases “amounted to torture”. Moreover, Amnesty International has called for an inquiry into the police brutality.

Consequently, it has been reported that the police force has rejected the claims of Amnesty International. In a statement on Friday, the Hong Kong police officers have claimed that they “exercise a high level of restraint” when it comes to use of force. They added that they will offer no comment on individual cases that are being highlighted unless an official complaint is filed with the police watchdog.

Point to be noted, is that the demonstrations have been raging in Hong Kong since the last three months with anti-government protesters hurling “rocks, bottles, and petrol bombs” at the police who have in turn responded with use of tear gas, bullets and water cannons, respectively. Additionally, videos and images have since been surfacing that highlight the police charging at and beating the protesters. It has further been reported that out of nearly 21 activist interviewed by Amnesty International, almost 18 have needed to be hospitalized and have testified that the torture was stopped once they were in police custody.

Simultaneously, Hong Kong’s police continues to deny the allegations against them, while more and more people have come forward to account for their actions. The police continue to iterate that they “respect the privacy, dignity and rights” of the detainees. Based on earlier reports, it can be confirmed that the protests in Hong Kong were initiated due the authorities plans to allow extraditions to the Chinese mainland.

Moreover. Amnesty’s Bequelin has stated that he believes the city police is in no position to “investigate itself and remedy” the suppression of protesters. He has thereby called for an independent inquiry.


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