An Open Message for the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and Jammu & Kashmir Muslims

THREE OPTIONS for Pakistan:

1- Provoking ‘Ghazwae Hind’.
2- Embracing forced-out JK mohajirs.
3- Seeking US/UN help. ‘Shore-dalna’.

THREE OPTIONS for Kashmiris:

1) Hijrat is Sunnah, (No loss, no shame), give Pakistanis a genuine historical pride of being ansaars of the Riyasate Madinah sani.

2) Genocidal/?suicidal loss of genera; while fighting back for the land.

3) Accept the Rule / Governance of India, (guess its too late).


Pakistan’s Intelligence community needs to be very calm, noble and vigilant about these up coming ground realities of India/Jammu & Kashmir.

Remember, Pakistan First!
Do not react injudiciously to any SOS.


Hope you remember reading our message WhatsApped on Mar 2, 2019, when after Feb 27, all Pakistanis were celebrating victory, pilot capture etc., and were thinking that Modi will loose elections after Palwama, but back then we knew that he was destined to win, and would exactly do what he was assigned about briskly changing the demographics of J&K and creating a pushed-out Ghaza strip II at LOC/ AK, by using either of the two options, favored by both BJP & Congress respectively, and we put everything together in that text message categorically in March, long before Indian elections.

Now, we don’t know why its coming like a surprise to Pakistanis or weirdos like Ms. Mehbooba Mufti, when there is no rocket science. Geelani tweeting now, must have already known its coming and prevented it from happening in an effective manner. Gazillion amount of fund has been invested on Kashmir and spent on ineffective political scoring seminars and tea party- protests unfortunately, for the last 70 years. Now, challenging the entire Muslim world to break into a Special Indian territory or otherwise, all Muslims will be punished in the eyes of God, is a little unfair SOS statement.

RISKS with each of the three Pakistan options:

1) Even if ready and all pumped up like a Marde Momin, in this 6th generation war zone, going for Ghazwae Hind will be a ruthless insanity.

2) After the revised demographics, the lands, homes and assets of 77% Muslim Kashmiris will be evacuated and purchased or occupied by the Indian Hindus, and at this point, we in Pakistan should be ready to embrace warmly, all the pushed out land-less mohajir Kashmiris across the border, as we showed love out of humanity to them for the last 70 years. But if we resist or misuse them and instead try to fight for their land J&K, still saying, ‘Kashmir baneyga Pakistan’, we may put our Azad kashmir at jeopardy as well; because it will be revealed to Kashmiris that we are in fact interested strategically in JK land much more than Muslim Kashmiris or humanity.

As mentioned in the text from March 2, Azad Kashmir will be inhabited as Ghaza strip II, by incoming Kashmir IDPs and LOC will become human shield studded with mohajirs.

3) Pakistanis should keep President Trump out of this equation. The only benefit derived out of that IK-US trip, was clearly in favor of Pres. Trump because all the Pakistanis who up until a month ago used to hate him to death; since after this visit are looking upon him for help as their angel of guidance. Like Wow, what a national U turn! It is noteworthy to mention it now, since most of you have started admiring him, that my brother in California and I watched and prayed for his success in all his pre election Presidential debates and voted him and believed in him more than himself in his victory. (By the way, I already expressed the same out loud during a LIVE transmission on NEO TV on Nov 8, covering US Election 2016, even before the counting was done). Anyways.

If we call the US for help, the deep US State intelligence will send troops (invade) instead, apparently to fight for the freedom of Kashmiris (as a response to ‘call for help’) and Pak China CPEC will be messed up, needless to explain, how it would ruin the CPEC project and only half of the 2/3 troops to be withdrawn from Afghanistan by September, may be deployed in Kashmir, and they can pull out half of the troops from Oman and get a better surveillance from the top. It will be a God-sent opportunity for the US. Something for them to start thinking about!!

Pakistan media should be instructed strictly, not to discuss openly any possible options or plans that these anchors on their individual contact-basis, retrieve incomplete, half-correct information from our third circle intelligence community’ members and retired folks, and sit on channels and start talking about that incorrect info with full time “Bhardkian” from 5-11 pm.

Imran Khan (Very honest but simply straightforward person) should not be allowed to talk to his engineered ‘lota’ cabinet members about any intelligence options and national security plans if naively already been discussed with him on Sunday in that National Security meeting. (He should not even discuss with Sarwar ch, NaeemulHaq, Zulfi B, Jehangir Tareen, maulana Tariq Jamil or any buzurg in Pak patan, hoping he does not talk to Buzdar).

Clearly, when ‘shair’ and ‘Hurr’ are behind the bars, we will have no political face to blame any politician for our failures, in this regard. So, be careful.

No… Imran Khan is not a politician, not a political face, he is simply a blessed celebrity with glorious stardom, must be used only as an ambassador of peace for fund collection or foreign PR. US trip is a good example.

In the interim, let PTI clean the mess in Karachi and let the media only talk about it again and again until Eid and Aug 14.

Least RISKY OPTION for Kashmiris:

Very graciously, we welcome our Kashmiris/ IDPs and Mohajirs, for a secured future in Pakistan. We regard it as a real victory without loosing any life any more. Instead of fighting back for a land which has already sucked in generations of human life. Remember, dear Kashmiris “Hijrat is sunnat”. No shame. No loss.

We will really feel like having a real pride of Riyasate Madina for the first time. And, don’t forget, the reward of Hijrat… Fateh Mekkah!


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