Angelina Jolie appeals world: Help Pakistan to mitigate climate catastrophe

Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie in a long post on her Instagram said last week she was in Pakistan with the Rescue Organization and local organizations, to witness the devastation caused by severe flooding which submerged 1/3 of the country’s land.

Jolie said: “33 million people are affected, and over 6 million need emergency humanitarian assistance. Pakistan also still hosts over a million Afghan refugees who are unable to return safely due to the current situation.”

“Those I was able to reach were still in shock from having fled the Taliban, and now knowing the country they have fled to is in an emergency. The level of trauma and compound trauma is severe. Please learn and follow what is happening. Be aware of the climate catastrophe that we are seeing more regularly.”

“Push governments to understand that lack of fair trade, rising emissions, and failure to address conflicts are causing more death and suffering to millions of families around the world,” she added.

She arrived in Karachi and was immediately taken to Dadu, Sindh, where she observed the flood damage.