Another major sex scandal in Kasur, more than 100 female students abused

Baaghi TV: Another major sex scandal in Kasur, more than 100 female students from the same educational institution.

Innocent girl Zainab was raped and killed earlier and even then due to the organization and  efforts of the public, her killers reached their punishment and our Pakistani girls were saved further when with the help of the government of Pakistan, a law was passed.

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Now another similar incident has taken place in Zainab Institute of Nursing College, in Kasur, where more than a 100 girls are said to have been sexually exploited. They have been abused in the name of passing in the examinations and the future of innocent girls has been put at stake.

According to locals, the girl who has tried to raise her voice has been likened to a warning sign. Punjab Police has so far registered only two FIRs against two innocent girls, while the facts are quite the opposite. More than 100 girls have been sexually assaulted, and now the Punjab government is not registering an FIR against this sexual offender named Pappu Nalka as this impostor has also disguised himself as a dodgy journalist.

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Pappu Nalka, the sexual offender who sexually abused more than 100 female students.

Locals says that just like the media in Kasur was silent on the issue of Zainab from the beginning, however things changed when the issue was raised on national media. Similarly, the police and local media is silent on the Zainab Institute Medical College, incident. Once again, Kasur’s local media is supporting wolves like Pappu Nalka, with the police at the forefront.

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While two FIRs have been registered, the remaining petitions are not being processed. Pappu Nalka used to invite nursing students to his room by texting on WhatsApp and fulfilling his sexual desire. According to reports, he used to insults the victims if they would beg, and threaten to expel them from college or fail them in their exams if they do not comply.

Copies of all WhatsApp messages are also available as evidence. It is believed that Pappu Nalka has set up a fake nursing school. Local district administration and health department officials are also reluctant to take action.

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Residents of the area and the victims of Zainab Institute Medical College Kasur have appealed to Prime Minister Imran Khan to take the severest possible action against this monster as soon as possible so that the dignity of the people in this society is protected and parents can send their daughters to school, university without fear.

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