Anti-Terrorist Court Takes over Mureed Abbas Murder Case

Karachi (21st Aug, 2019): Anchorperson, Mureed Abbas’s murder case transferred to Anti-Terrorist Court after approval from Judicial Magistrate on Tuesday. 

According to reports, senior TV host Mureed Abbas was murdered last month by Atif Zaman along with his friend, Khizar Hayat in Karachi’s area of Defence. The Judicial Magistrate after hearing the application of the police has transferred the double-murder case to the Anti-Terrorist Court, confirm sources.

According to Baaghi TV’s reports, the lawyer of the accused has opposed the court’s decision to include terrorism charges against his client. Moreover, he has argued that the victims had a financial dispute with Atif Zaman because of which the terrorism clause is unrelated to the case. Additionally, the investigation officer has also echoed that the murder was precedence for sending a clear message from Atif Zaman to others who may experience a similar fate.

The court approved the application seeking to transfer the case to the Anti-Terrorist Court following the arguments presented during the hearing.


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