Apple Files an Appeal Against the Epic v Apple Judgment

The dust between Apple and Epic is still not settled yet!

Apple has lodged a plea in the antitrust trial against Epic, the developer of the Unreal engine and Fortnite. Apple won nine of the ten accusations brought against it, but its lone defeat was rather severe. Enough that we labelled it a significant victory for Epic, even if Apple claims it was theirs.

According to the details, Apple has suffered a setback since it was forced to enable mobile apps to direct users to other payment options. This would allow applications to avoid paying Apple a 15-30% cut of their revenues at the moment.

Apple’s challenge includes a request for a restraining order prohibiting developers from forming in-app connections to payment services outside of Apple’s environment.

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That implies Apple want to wait until all appeals are resolved before being compelled to comply with the court’s ruling—a process that may add years to the time required for the order to take effect. Currently, the injunction is scheduled to commence on December 9th.

“The sought stay would enable Apple to protect customers and defend its platform as it works through the complex and quickly developing legal, technological, and economic implications of any modifications to this Guideline,” Apple stated.

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Epic has already filed an appeal to it.

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