Are tubeless tires the future of the automotive industry?

Tubeless tires, paving the future

Tubeless tires may be one of the greatest creations of the 21st Century, but did you know that the purchasing cost of tubeless tires (TL) is more than that of Tube-Type (TT) tires.

The cost difference between the two types can be due to multiple factors including but not limited to the need to change the sealant solution frequently. It can also mean having to buy new tires when switching from TT to TL tires.

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On average, the cost of tubeless tires in bicycles across Pakistan can be between PKR 9,000 to PKR 23,163 meanwhile, in cars they can be priced between PKR 4,000 to PKR 80,000. The prices may vary by make and/or model, respectively.

However, despite the price difference, tubeless tires have many known benefits. For one, they offer comfort and protection against punctures. Other pros of having TL tires may include:

The sealant solution that replaces the tube in TL tires, helps to restore minor impairments. Although it cannot fix all damages, the solution can help to close smaller gaps and holes caused by glass, flint, or stones, as it dries quickly.

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They offer great rolling resistance and can perform even on lower pressures and because there is no tube between the rim and the tire, the air is held directly within the space.

TL tires are considered to be safer than TT tires as they lose air pressure gradually in the likelihood of a puncture.

A lack of a tube means there is less friction and air temperature also remains cooler. Additionally, they balance better because there is less ‘uneven weight’.

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However, although TL tires are better in many ways, there are still some instances where TT tires help with stability, especially in the case of gravelly, or mountainous surfaces.

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