Arnab Goswami once again embroiled in fake news controversy

Sept 20, 2021: Indian media personality, Arnab Goswami is under ridicule for claiming Pak Army officers’ presence on 5th floor of two-storey hotel in Kabul.

Netizens and social media users have ridiculed Indian prime-time host Arnab Goswami who is under fire yet again for spreading fake news about the presence of Pakistani intelligence officers on the fifth floor of a two-storey hotel in the Afghan capital.

After the bizarre stories claiming deaths of Lollywood actors in the Panjshir Valley, this recent outlandish fake news about the Serena Hotel has engulfed the Indian media.

The Indian media has made a lot of fake and funny news about the Pakistani security forces, including using video game visuals to prove Pakistan Airforce presensce in Panjshir valley, but they only end up embarrassing themselves.

Recently, Goswami, known as the ‘puppet’ of the Indian ruling party, claimed the presence of Pakistan Army officers on the fifth floor of the Serena Hotel. He alleged that Pakistani intelligence officers were helping the Taliban fight Afghanistan’s falling Panjshir Valley.

In fact, the hotel Afghan capital is a two-story building, while the invisible fifth floor as seen by Goswani does not exist. In the clip, which went viral on social media, Arnab Goswami, who exaggerated extent of the Taliban take over, can be heard talking about his sources who are keeping an eye on alleged Pakistani forces in Afghanistan.

Amid a heated argument with PTI’s Abdul Samad Yaqoob, the Indian journalist said “You go and check on the fifth floor of the Serena Hotel, I am telling you, please check, the fifth floor of the Serena Hotel in Kabul, how many Pakistani army officers are there?”

Being fully assured of what he claimed, Goswami also mentioned to specify the room numbers of the Pakistani officers.

Following the brazen fake news, social media users took to Twitter to roast Indian journalists while #ArnabGoswami is still trending on the microblogging platform. Here are some of the reactions:

Arnab Goswami said that resistance was continuing in Panjshir while Pakistani security forces were assisting the Taliban.

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