Artisans developed new techniques of Swat hand embroidery

ISLAMABAD, Oct 15 (APP):Artisans of Swat Valley have developed latest techniques in developing designs of hand embroidery, a traditional art form which was famous across Pakistan and abroad.

Swat hand embroidery products ranging from Jewelry, garments and Shawls which was created locally by both men and women artisans. Swati hand embroidery is combining the age-old traditions with modern-day adaptations.

Swati embroidery has a great significance and has won a unique status due to its innovative and creative underpinning all over the country, said artisan Daud Khan from Swat here at Lok Virsa.

He said that in the past when modern embroidery accessories were not easily available, pure silver yarn was used in embroidery and the dresses decorated this way were very heavy and ostentatious.
He said that the golden lace embroidery of Swat has acquired a distinct recognition in the valley as well as in the country.

Most of these Swati hand embroidered products and merchandise are available for purchase from Craft and Artisan bazaar at Lok Virsa.

Sardar Yusafzai, a journalist from Swat said that apart from the influences from other tradition, the artisans of Swat have established their own footprints in the art of embroidery and garments.

“The peculiar and typical woolen shawl for men is specially weaved and made from local livestock fleece, which is considered, must for the freezing winter in the valley and revered for its immemorial tradition” he said.

Another unique and indigenous creation of Swati artisans is a woolen rug or carpet called Lamsay in Pashto. The method and contents for constituting a Lamsay are itself unusual and interesting.

Former Executive Director Lok Virsa Dr Fouzia Saeed said that Swat is undoubtedly a place on earth where traditions and customs rule high and its talented people have been brought up in the lap of pure Mother Nature.

“The traditional handicrafts and seasoned artisans are the assets of Swat that is a source of pride and popularity for all the citizens of this exotic valley,” she added.

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