Artists at a brawl over the PSL Anthem

Lahore, 22nd Feb 2020: Yesterday, the social networking sites were full of a news about a very interesting clash among two of the top most popular pop stars of Pakistan, Ali Azmat and Ali Zafar. 

The incident took place after the inaugural ceremony of the fifth edition of the PSL, at the Karachi National Cricket Stadium on the 20th Feb 2020. The ceremony was celebrated with exuberance and enthusiasm, with the performances of the Pakistan’s super stars and renowned singers including Arif Lohar, the rock star Ali Azmat, Aima Baig and Asim Azhar to name a few.

The ceremony was all about welcoming the annual event of Twenty20 cricket back to the country, this time in its entirety.

The ceremony blasted off with the powerful performance of Ali Azmat and the folk singer Arif Lohar, who presented the PSL 5 anthem, “Tayyar Hain”, along with the strong drum beating performance.

It may be recalled that the pop star, Ali Zafar has previously sung three PSL Anthems, which became huge rage among the fans. His song, “Ab Khel Jamay Ga” has a whopping 13 million views on YouTube which makes it the most viewed anthem of the PSL.

Despite the fact that PSL 5’s anthem “Tayyar Hain” featured some truly well-reputed singers such as Ali Azmat, Arif Lohar, Haroon Rashid and Asim Azhar, Pakistanis openly voiced their displeasure as they compared the anthem to “Ab Khel Jamay Ga”. Fans have expressed their disappointment over missing Ali Zafar for doing the honors of composing and singing the PSL Anthem.

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The brawl started when Ali Azmat threw a shade at Ali Zafar on a TV talk show, hosted by the anchor Waseem Badami, where he expressed his hurt and anger at the PSL 5 organizers of the inaugural ceremony and the hate and troll the anthem, “Tayyar Hain” sung by him has received on the social networking sites.

He clearly gave a hint stating a ‘rival’ singer has been influential in spreading the cynicism about the PSL 5 anthem sung by him and every one could guess who it was? People did not expect such a dubious statement from the man of Ali Azmat’s stature, although he didn’t take any names but made his point clear by stating again that: “he could file a defamation case against me too”. The hint can be clearly taken from these two statements of sarcasm.

However, it is a known fact that no artist or a blogger can make any project a hit or a flop, it is only the public that holds the power. Ali Zafar was trending on the social network when the anthem “Tayyar Hain” was released and now too as people are showering their love after this spat.

Ali Zafar handled that situation in a different way, sharing his reply on the social networking site Instagram and gave a hilarious statement, “Zindagi mein koi bhee masla ho. #bhaeehazirhai,” (If there is any problem in life, your brother is there).

He further jokes in his video about bloggers being on his payroll and taking the blame of Trump’s election due to him. Ali Zafar in an amusing manner conveys his message that, “If you have any personal, matrimonial, business related issues or if your song or event becomes a flop its all due to me”.

Our stars should not behave in this manner and not target each other publicly and openly. Whatever their annoyance with each other is, they should handle it in a mature way considering their image and stardom among their fans, as, such a battle does not leave a good taste.

PSL was established to create a better name for Pakistan globally and these are the artists that represent the best image of our country and its citizens. If PSL is initiated to create love and peace, then why shouldn’t our artists be depicting the same? Such events are hosted in order to propel Pakistan’s image in a positive light to the world, but incidents like these, overshadow the initiative and although, bring home publicity, it is not the desirable kind.

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