As Delhi Burns, Gurdwaras Open Doors for Muslims

New Delhi: As the communal violence is rising in Delhi since last Sunday, Muslims are running for shelter to save their lives. With around 20 brutally killed and many injured, the situation is going bad to worse in the Indian capital.

Amidst the chaos and attacks on journalists, a mosque was vandalized and later set on fire in Ashok Nagar. While people struggled to save themselves from the aggressors, Gurdwaras show signs of hospitality as they are offering support and shelter to Muslim families in Delhi.

A novelist Nilanjana Roy posted a tweet, “In one part of Delhi, a gurdwara opens its doors to Muslims and anyone who needs shelter. In Seelampur, Dalits blocked the roads against mobs, sheltered their Muslim neighbors. Police and politicians have forgotten their duty, but the people have courage and heart.”

This is one of the worst scenario Delhi has witnessed in recent years. Some other people have also expressed a good gesture for the Muslims in India.

The Sikh community in North Delhi, including a Gurdwara in Majnoo Ka Tila offered to help the injured and the needy on Monday, February 24.

Members of the Sikh community are not only patrolling with their neighbors of the Muslim community to ensure that no one from outside attacks the latter’s homes, but all Gurdwaras are also giving shelter to the Muslims of riot-infested Delhi.

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