Asim Azhar’s take on government’s decision to hold exams

April 25, 2021: Asim Azhar, a young singer in the Pakistani music industry, is raising his voice to postpone student exams in view of the rising rate of corona virus.

BaaghiTV: The singer said that it seems that this time the government is taking exams of students for the sake of its ego. In a message released on the social networking website Twitter, Asim Azhar said that the government is saying that it is taking exams for the future.

Asim Azhar questioned that if students get infected with corona virus, what will be their future? “At this point, it feels like the government has taken it upon itself to take exams this year,” the singer said. Asim Azhar said that in this dangerous third wave of corona virus, it would be a big mistake by the government to allow children to take the virus back to their homes. Asim Azhar’s tweet shows a large number of students supporting the singer, with students saying they are happy that showbiz stars are raising their voices thinking about him.

It is to be noted that Asim Azhar has raised his voice in favor of children many times before while Agha Ali, Feroz Khan, Mahesh Hayat and Waqar Zaka have also demanded the government to cancel the examinations.

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