At least 16 killed and 24 injured in bomb blast in Afghanistan

At least 16 people were killed while 24 were wounded after a blast at a madrassa in Afghanistan’s northern city of Aybak on Wednesday. According to AFP, a doctor at the local hospital confirmed the death toll and said that the wounded are currently going through treatment. The doctor also said that the casualties were mostly youngsters and they belonged to the Al Jihad madrassa.

“All of them are children and ordinary people,” he told AFP.

This was part of the blasts and attacks that have taken place since the Taliban returned to power last year. Most of the attacks were carried out by the local chapter of the Islamic State (IS).

The government said that the authorities are working towards identifying the attackers.

“Our detective and security forces are working quickly to identify the perpetrators of this unforgivable crime and punish them for their actions,” Interior Ministry spokesman tweeted.