attack on bus carrying police in the southern Turkey

A bomb attack hit a bus carrying police in the southern Turkish province of Adana on and some people were wounded.

Accordin to turk broadcast video of a badly damaged bus surrounded by debris and other damaged vehicles under a pedestrian overpass in the area of Yuregir in Adana a province of southern Turkey.

Ambulances took the 5 wounded to hospitals in the area. Armed police sealed off the effected area and were examining the scene. It was not clear who might be behind the attack.

Mahmut Demirtas, the provincial governor of Adana, said four bystanders were slightly injured by a bomb that targeted a bus of police.

“As of now, two chief prosecutors of the terror bureau have been charged and they too are at the crime scene at the moment,” Demirtas said.

“According to initial reports, we are considering the possibility of a terror attack,” he added.

Demirtas said that either an improvised explosive device or a different kind of bomb may have been used in the attack in the central Yuregir district.

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