Attack on Mossad, latest revelations surfaced

Lahore, 16th April: Shocking revelations regarding the attack on the Israeli intelligence agency Mossad base in Erbil have surfaced.

According to reports, Iraqi sources have revealed the names of the Zionists killed in the attack on the Mossad base.

According to Arab media, there have been recent reports of an attack on a Mossad base in northern Iraq. At least ten Zionists have been killed and wounded in the attack.

According to a senior security official, the three people killed in the attack on Mossad’s intelligence center and operational command center have been identified as Manhanin Noam, Akifa Aami and Berez Jacob.

According to sources, the dead and wounded Mossad officers had been operating at the Zionist regime’s spy center in Erbil for several months.

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