Azadi March to keep Nation on Tenterhooks

Another long March! 27th March is approaching fast. The nation as a whole is seemingly on its tenter hooks, yet numb.

Are we ready again for a massive lock down amidst rising tensions?

Have we learnt anything from our past mistakes?

The present statement by the High Court has paved way for the JUI supremo Fazal ur Rehman and his staunch supporters to make their way into our capital city unhindered. The head honcho is roaring and thundering across Pakistan.

We have seen, the long jam in the past once before, created even during the dharna of Imran Khan. Which was tormenting itself, as life had come to a juddering halt. Life had literally paralysed.

Are we geared up for any such ensuing development which may further lead us into a protracted cumbersome odyssey?

Mian Haroon Masood Pakistani Political Leader

There is a clamant need to now analyse the situation in its true perspective.

We have not grown out of our economic woes yet. Just Clambering on to our destination slowly. Against all odds the country is seen to be moving forward. With apt structural changes in our economy, we may see the light at the end of the tunnel finally.

The freedom of speech. The right to move around freely is an unalienable right guaranteed to every citizen of this country.

The orders by justice Faiz issa serve as a reminder which bears testimony to the fact that no such protest is envisaged which may possibly disrupt the life of a common citizen or a commuter. The roads are a common place for the travellers to go by in their vehicles. The foot paths are a place for the pedestrians to walk over.

The right of free movement equally holds even for those whose right we daringly try to invade. Intermittently stopping them from going into the desired directions of their choice.

Mian Haroon Masood Pakistani Political Leader

There has to be a designated area for such a show. Is it a power of show or one’s personal satisfaction or aggrandisement? Will it bear any fruit to mitigate the suffering of the poor, or is it another way to wangle ones way into power?

About time we did some soul searching.

Better sense must prevail!

Let's not forget, we as Muslims of our dear country are still enjoying freedom. We are not alien to the atrocities that are being perpetrated on our brethren many of whom are forced out of their countries. Majority of them flee for want of protection. Countries have been bombarded beyond recognition. So many of them dying out there every day needlessly.

Mian Haroon Masood Pakistani Political Leader

Pakistan is our prized possession, I mean, our homeland. Let’s learn to value it’s possession.

We must sort out our issues with grace. The world is changing fast. The cardinal principile lies more in a dialogue than a stern response which shakes the person to the core. Firstly no names should be called. A flagitious mannerism is condemned widely. Apologies must be tendered to start afresh, very much like a benign and a kind guardian, how he would react to any such situations in a time like this.

We have to comfort one another to hold on to the ideals and cannons of morality. A committee therefore, must be constituted to oversee and resolve issues.

It’s about time we resolved our issues through just deliberations and not through sabre rattling but, with a lambent wit which may condone all undue offences.

A common man is basically the one who suffers, or the plight of a worker who gets stuck in these protests there by not making it to their place of work.

Mian Haroon Masood Pakistani Political Leader

We will have to be more considerate and thoughtful for them and make sure we do justice to them.


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