BA aircraft aborts landing due to strong winds at Heathrow

The strong winds that have badly hit the United Kingdom (UK) since last weekend causing a British Airways (BA) aircraft to abort its landing that was heading to Heathrow Airport in London this Monday.

According to the details, the aircraft arrived from Aberdeen at around 10:50 am (local time) but the pilot abandoned the scheduled landing as the aircraft was buffeted by strong winds caused by Storm Corrie. Images and videos of the incident have been floating all across the social media.

A video footage showed the plane beginning a bumpy ascent before the right wing lifts into the air, sending the aircraft careening down the runway at a dramatic angle.

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It can be seen in the video that the tail end of the fuselage appears to graze the runway floor, causing more smoke, before the plane rose and was able to take off. The BA pilot managed to successfully land the plane after a second go around.

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The British airline ruled on the incident: “Our pilots are highly trained to manage a range of scenarios, including extreme weather conditions, and our flight crew landed the aircraft safely. Our customers and crew all disembarked as normal.”

Winds of up to 92mph have caused devastation across the UK this weekend as Storm Corrie battered the country, leaving two people dead, thousands without power, closing schools and cancelling trains.

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