Baaghi kids express their solidarity with Kashmiris

Baaghitv exclusively spoke to the kids on the eve of August 15, the Indian independence day, which is being observed as the black day by the Pakistan to express solidarity with innocent Kashmiri brethren facing the wrath of Indian security forces in the scenic valley for the past 7 decades.

A kid, Mustafa Kamran said, ”I am expressing solidarity with my Kashmiri brethren today by observing Black Day and i appeal to United Nations to play its role and help the innocent kids and women[residing in Kashmir valley] in coming out of this difficult situation and prayed to Almighty to protect all Kashmiris from Indian atrocities.”

Another kid, Shujat Ali in exclusive talk with Baaghitv said, ”I appeal to the all the people having faith in humanity, Muslim Ummah and especially the Pakistani, Narendra Modi’s government is inflicting suffering on the innocent Kashmiris and the whole world is silently watching all this happening. Quaid-e-Azam rightly termed the Kashmir as jugular vein of Pakistan without which Pakistan can not prosper. The Modi government should be termed Mozi government unless it halts committing atrocities in the occupied Kashmir and chanted slogan, Kashmir banega Pakistan God be willing”.

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