Baaghi TV Delivers Justice: 34 years of imprisonment comes to an end

Lahore, 12th January: Baaghi TV has been fundamental in the freedom of a prisoner named Fateh Mohammad who was released on Tuesday from Central Jail Machh Balochistan after 34 years.

Baaghi TV: Fateh Mohammad, who has been lodged in Central Jail Machh Balochistan since 1987, after his release from prison, thanked Baaghi TV and its Editor for their special efforts for his release. 

While sharing the news of Fateh Mohammad’s release after 34 years, a Twitter page by the name of ‘Free Fatah Movement’ tagged Baaghi TV and its editor, Taha Muneeb, expressing gratitude for their continued efforts.


They wrote, “We are also very grateful to Taha Sahib who published a detailed report on the Fatah. He is the only journalist who played a role in highlighting the victory case. Thank you very much.”

The page also thanked Ms Amina Janjua, whose free legal aid, in this case, made this impossible. It said, “May Allah reward them for this good deed in this world and in the hereafter. Amen.”

It may be recalled that Fateh Muhammad Achakzai was imprisoned since 1987, he was sentenced to 139 years of imprisonment.

He was sentenced by a special court set up by General Zia-ul-Haq 34 years ago to life imprisonment, three death sentences, fine and confiscation of property on various terrorism charges in 1987.

According to reports, a false murder case was charged against Fateh Mohammad, which was highlighted by Baaghi TV and on 12 Jan 21, he has been released on HC Balochistan order.

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