Baaghi TV seeks Government support against Nefarious Designs

Baaghi TV is a Pakistani web portal striving to disseminate news, views and analysis and content from Pakistan and all over the world while abiding by the journalistic ethics of news-reporting and broadcasting. Recently, the Indian government has taken steps to silence.

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Baaghi TV believes in the authentic and true to the journalistic ethics news reporting on the grounds of truth, justice and honesty. All the news posted on the forum bear fundamental grounds, while fake and biased stories are strongly discouraged and refuted. Baaghi TV brings the world to you!

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Following nefarious designs of Modi Sarkar to silence the ethical reporting by Pakistan, Baaghi TV has reached out for support to the Pakistan Government.

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Baaghi TV believes that the Government of Pakistan has the power to influence the Twitter management. In a letter to the Foreign Minister, Mr. Makhdoom Shah Mehmood Qureshi, Baaghi TV has  urged the Foreign Office to take a stand and address the situation.

Propagandaist Modi government can’t bear the “truth” of Baaghi TV, demands closing of Baaghi TV’s Twitter account

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