Baaghi TV Urges Government of Pakistan to Involve Security Council in Kashmir Issue

Baaghi TV urges the Government of Pakistan to immediately take the case to Security Council and put up a resolution on this grave violation of Human Rights in Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir. 

Baaghi TV urges the Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi to meet with the United Nations Officials. These atrocities have been escalating for days yet, FM Qureshi seems undeterred in his resolution to look good. Pakistan’s Foreign Office must therefore, activate all its embassies the world over to protest for the rights of the people of Kashmir.

Moreover, Pakistan and Baaghi TV expect their FM to make an international statement from Kohala Bridge. Pakistan’s flag should also be lowered as a show of protest against the Indian atrocities against our fellow Kashmiris, to honour the sacrifices of many such as Burhan Wani whose efforts cannot be forgotten. Pakistan’s political bodies must stand up for bleeding Kashmir.

Protesting for Kashmir must be our basic priority and it should be implemented in all embassies across the globe. As Muslims and as Pakistanis, speaking up and standing up for Kashmir is our responsibility. Additionally, Baaghi TV urges the the Foreign Office to take the matter to Security Council and put up a resolution for the growing violation of human rights in Kashmir.

Baaghi TV further requests PM Imran Khan to urgently address the nation and take them into confidence. Pakistanis deserve to know what their government is planning and how to better raise the issue internationally to thwart the Modi Genocide in Kashmir.


Stay tuned to Baaghi TV for more updates.

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