Baaghi TV’s Twitter account blocked by Modi Govt

While Modi’s government in India is oppressing farmers and minorities, it is also suppressing the voices raised against its cruelty, going as far as to monitor Pakistani social media accounts.

Baaghi TV believes in providing authentic and true to the journalistic ethics news reporting on the grounds of truth, justice and honesty and has, in the past, extensively covered the violence against Muslims in India, the riots, the atrocities in Kashmir, and it has also given full coverage to the Kisan Tehreek and Ladakh dispute.

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Prior to this, the Modi government had requested Twitter management to close Baaghi TV’s account once before. However, at that time, Twitter did not comply.

Recently, Twitter has blocked several accounts in Pakistan, including Baaghi TV’s account in India. Twitter did not notify Baaghi TV about the decision to prohibit access. It is imperative to understand that the ‘blocking’ is against freedom of expression.

Modi’s government, which has perpetrated atrocities on minorities in India, perpetually creates propaganda against Pakistan at every opportunity that arises. When Baaghi TV showed a true reflection on the government, it got blocked in India.

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However, Baaghi TV will continue to report atrocities against Muslims in India and to spread the truth and it will not be pressurized by the Modi government or Twitter.

Baaghi TV which was established in Lahore almost eleven years ago aims to create a new digital media channel in order to combat ignorance, oppression, corruption, and abuse by raising the voice of society which requires the appropriate platform to be presented to the world.

It has struggled against these evils and played a tangible role in communicating the truth, fighting for rights, helping those that are oppressed, and eradicating ignorance from the world.

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Twitter accounts of Radio Pakistan and various Pakistani embassies accross the world were also blocked in India.

Besides this, other Pakistani Twitter accounts, including Baaghi TV’s, were blocked over Indian claims that these accounts were spreading misinformation about India’s national security, foreign relations, and public order.

Analyst Raja Faisal from Islamabad has also had his Twitter account blocked for India.

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After the Twitter accounts of Radio Pakistan and other official accounts belonging to the government were blocked, PTA took action and recorded their opposition on Twitter. However, we can wonder, is this enough?

Foreign Office spokesman Asim Iftikhar condemned India’s move, asserting that India must restore access to the accounts of Pakistani missions immediately and it must have respect for the democratic freedom of expression. The accounts that were blocked include the official handles run by Pakistan’s missions in other countries like Iran, Turkey, and Egypt. Thereby, India’s action raises concerns.

Not only were Twitter accounts blocked but tweets that opposed the Indian government were themselves deleted. In the past, besides official government handles, Twitter accounts run by ordinary citizens were also deleted, especially for speaking out in favor of Kashmir.

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The President of Pakistan, Dr. Arif Alvi, was also sent a notice for having tweeted in favor of Kashmiris.

It is also imperative to understand, that if the roles were reversed and the government of Pakistan had asked Twitter to close someone’s account, then the Twitter administration would not have agreed as has been observed previously. According to the Standing Committee on IT, despite multiple requests, Twitter failed to delete Aitzaz Ahsan’s fake profile. The committee then asked for a copy of the agreement with FIA’s Cybercrime wing and Twitter.

The members of the committee questioned why the account is still unblocked and Rubina Khalid wondered whether all the accounts are operating outside Pakistan? Why do some accounts get deleted in hours?

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Twitter is not following the instructions given by the Pakistani government. However, any request from India is accepted immediately. This needs to be seriously considered by the government of Pakistan and the Ministry of IT.

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