BaaghiTV team bags top positions in National Bridge Championship at Lahore Gymkhana

Baaghi TV also scored top position in the 'pair event' category and 3rd in mixed teams.

A three-day tournament of the Supreme National Bridge Championship concluded here at the Lahore Gymkhana Sunday in which the Baaghi TV team stood runners-up in the team event.

Baaghi TV also scored top position in the ‘pair event’ category and 3rd in mixed teams.

It means the Baaghi TV team got all three titles one way or the other.

The event was organized by the Pakistan Bridge Federation.

A momento was presented to the senior journalist Mubashir Lucman.

What is a Bridge game?

Contract bridge, or simply bridge, is a trick-taking card game using a standard 52-card deck.

In its basic format, it is played by four players in two competing partnerships, with partners sitting opposite each other around a table.

Millions of people play bridge worldwide in clubs, tournaments, online and with friends at home, making it one of the world’s most popular card games, particularly among seniors.

The World Bridge Federation (WBF) is the governing body for international competitive bridge, with numerous other bodies governing bridge at the regional level.

What is Pakistan Bridge Federation?

The Pakistan Bridge Federation is the sport governing body for the game of Bridge in Pakistan. The federation was as Pakistan Bridge Association in 1972. In 1993 it became federation. The federation is based in Karachi.

The federation is affiliated with World Bridge Federation, Bridge Federation of Asia & the Middle East and Pakistan Sports Board.