Bajaur people welcome PM’s address to nation

BAJAUR, August 27 (APP): People from all walks of life in Bajaur tribal district including tribal elders, leaders of political and religious parties, traders and youths have lauded the Prime Minister Imran Khan’s address to the nation over the current situation of Indian Held Kashmir.

Talking to APP here Tuesday, they said the prime minister’s address on Kashmir issue was the reflection of the entire nation and was according to the people’s aspirations. They said that the prime minister’s speech had further confirmed that the whole nation and the government were on the same page on Kashmir issue.

They were of the view that the Prime Minister’s address had not only informed the people of Pakistan about the brutality by the Indian government in Kashmir, but also sensitized the international community about the current situation in Kashmir after the Indian government had revoked the special status of Occupied Kashmir.

They expressed the hope that the Prime Minister address would convince the United Nations and other international community to play their role in resolution of Kashmir issue according to the UN resolutions.
They welcomed the Prime Minister request to hold rallies in support of Kashmiri people once a week, adding that people of Bajaur would surely follow the Prime Minister request of holding rallies to show solidarity with Kashmiri brothers.

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