Baloch people deserve a salute for ‘no’ to India’s proxy war: Masood

Quetta , June 25: Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) President Sardar Masood Khan has said that India intends to destabilize Balochistan province and turn it into a battlefield but the patriotic Baloch people will never let the Indian conspiracy materialize.
Addressing participants of fourth national security workshop here on Tuesday, he said that the valiant Baloch people deserved a salute for their refusal to become part of India’s proxy war in their province. He said that India wants to punish Pakistan for its support to the Kashmir cause .
He said that Balochistan was part of the God-gifted state for which the people of Jammu and Kashmir with green flags in their hands were sacrificing their precious lives and expressed the confidence that the people of Pakistan particularly Balochistan would not leave their Kashmiri brothers and sisters alone in their just struggle.
He underlined that at present only one slogan that is “We are Pakistanis and Pakistan belongs to us” is echoing in the valleys and mountains of occupied Kashmir.
“More than 500,000 people have so far sacrificed their lives since 1947 to integrate their state into Pakistan. Even today, when a Kashmiri youth falls down after receiving the Indian army’s bullets on his chest, he does not let the Pakistani flag fall from his hands to the ground,” he added.
The AJK president said that the Kashmiri people have faced the worst brutalities of the humane history during the last 72 years, but they could not be deterred from their stand nor did they ever think about giving up their liberation struggle.

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