‘Battle of Chawinda’ 1965 recalled on Defence Day

ISLAMABAD, Sep 5 (APP):With the celebration of September 6, the brave citizens of Sialkot and Chawinda sacrificed their lives to repulse the major Indian army attack during the Indo-Pak War on September 6, 1965 and stories of their empty-handed fight with a regular army are still alive and recalled on the day.

A report aired by PTV news channel said, the 1965 Pakistan-India War is famous for the heroic defence of the motherland by the country’s armed forces after India launched a surprise attack on September 6.
The city of Sialkot in Pakistan was one of the cities, which the Indians had planned to use as a base for further operations within Pakistan, once captured. The town of Chawinda lies a few miles from the main city and was the centre of the action.

Citizens of Sialkot and Chawinda battled shoulder-to-shoulder with the armed forces of Pakistan to repulse the biggest ever attack of cunning and invading Indian army with 600 tanks at Chawinda while laying down under these tanks after tying the bombs with their bodies.

The brave soldier of Pakistan Army and people of Sialkot and Chawinda made Chawinda and surrounding areas as the biggest graveyard of Indian tanks by saving the dear motherland from the invading enemy, as the Chawinda was echoed with the loud sounds of “Allah Hu Akbar”.

An eye witness of this battle in Sialkot city said, the tank battle fought in the Sialkot sector between September 7 and September 22 in 1965 is referred to as the Battle of Chawinda.
He said the people of Chawinda wrote a golden history of bravery by sacrificing their lives for defending the motherland.

He recalled that the whole of the world watched that the Pakistani nation was dropping even the last drops of their blood for defending Pakistan and knocked out the invading army.

Another eye witness Muhammad Yousaf from Chawinda said, September 6 reminds us of the indomitable courage and unmatched sacrifices of our soldiers who proved the world that the defence of Pakistan was unassailable.

He revealed that compared to 1965, Pakistan today has emerged as more resilient and vibrant country with strong conventional and non-conventional power and we still ready to face our enemies with more courage and love sentiments with our motherland.

The day reminds us of determination, selflessness and sacrifices of our Armed Forces, which they had rendered for the defence of Pakistan, said Muhammad Arif in Sialkot.

Another witness of this war, said the spirit exhibited by the Pakistani jawans in 1965 was exemplary. The Pakistan Armed Forces and citizen jointly defeated India.

The whole nation was behind the Pakistan Armed Forces, he said. Mian Hanif Saeed said the spirit of Pakistan Army and the entire nation was unforgettable.

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