‘Bed Nahi Hai to Injection De ke Maar Do’: Son of Ailing Covid-19 Patient Makes Heart-Rending Plea

As India experiences a second wave of coronavirus, the health system in the country is beginning to crumble and hospitals are overburdened. Many reports have come to the fore where severely ill Covid-19 patients have either died or are getting treated in ambulances because of lack of beds in the hospitals.

In yet another heart-wrenching story, a video has surfaced online where a man from Maharashtra’s Chandrapur, is seen begging for a hospital bed for his ailing, elderly father who has been suffering from Covid-19. Overcome by helplessness, he says,  “Give him a hospital bed, or just kill him with an injection”.

Notably, the man identified as Sagar Kishore Naharshetivar, made a round of several hospitals in both Maharashtra and Telangana to get his father admitted, but to no avail, reported NDTV. With his father lying in an ambulance outside a local hospital, he says, “Either you make a bed available for him, or you kill him with an injection. I cannot take him home like this and you have no beds available”, noting that his father’s oxygen level is running out.

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