Begum Alvi’s Message for Women

LAHORE, Oct 09 (APP): First Lady Begum Samina Alvi on Wednesday said it was important to overcome shyness and certain social taboos to control mortality among women due to breast cancer.

Speaking at an awareness seminar in connection with the Pink Ribbon month here at the Governor’s House, she said due to social customs, the women hid their physical ailments. They must be educated to discuss and ask questions about the breast cancer rather than becoming its victim.

The awareness seminar was arranged by Mrs Parveen Sarwar, wife of Punjab Governor Muhammad Sarwar. Mrs Maryam Mirza, wife of Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Health Dr Zafar Mirza also attended the ceremony.

The First Lady said the girls must be educated at an early age not to ignore even minor ailments as otherwise they might suffer from the breast cancer.

A family fell apart when a mother died, she said, adding the breast cancer was completely controllable, if it were diagnosed at an early stage.

Begum Alvi said the mortality rate due to breast cancer was quite high in Pakistan and the South Asia as compared with other parts of the world. Almost 50,000 women died of breast cancer in the country every year.

She advised the women that whenever they visited their gynecologists or family physicians, they should ask them to have their examination for the breast cancer also.

She urged the participants to educate women in villages and far-flung rural areas of the country so that nobody died due to lack of knowledge about the breast cancer.

The First Lady called on the women parliamentarians to create awareness among female voters in their respective constituencies on the pitfalls of breast cancer. It was their added responsibility as a woman to save lives. she added.

She urged the private hospitals to provide mammography services at affordable rates to the poor patients.

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She also called upon the media houses to arrange special programmes on breast cancer. The morning shows could be dedicated to create awareness among the people on the disease, he added.

Speaking on the occasoion, Mrs Parveen Sarwar pledged to work for creating awareness about the breast cancer in far-flung areas of the province.

Earlier, Dr Amna Sohail of Shaukat Khanum Memorial Trust Hospital (SKMT), Dr Huma and Dr Maryam briefed the audience on various aspects of breast cancer and the ways to treat it.

They said the use of hormones and excessive antibiotics in livestock, poultry and dairy were one of the reasons for rise in breast cancer cases, besides familial ties.

They also conducted a question and answer session.

Women parliamentarians, media to play role in early awareness and treatment of breast cancer: First Lady