Beijing Air Improvements are Role Model for World

Beijing successful efforts to improve air quality has provided a model for rest of the world to follow.

According to a report released ahead of the UN Environment Assembly, It is been 20 years that Beijing is fighting against air pollution and make successful efforts to improve air quality. Finally, its successful efforts provide a model for other cities to follow. Research by UN Environment and the Beijing Municipal Ecology and Environment Bureau (BEE) outlines that how Beijing’s air quality management programme has evolved and how it makes efforts to control air pollution and took long term steps to maintain its momentum toward clean air.

The report was compiled by UN Environment led team of international and Chinese experts over two years. Acting Executive Director of UN Environment Joyce Msuya has stated that “This unbelievable improvement in air quality didn’t happen by any accident but It was the result of an enormous will.”

Reportedly, By the end of 2017, fine particulate pollution (PM2.5)  concentrations still exceed levels which is recommended by the World Health Organization. Air pollutants lowered by 25-83%.

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