Belgian tourists find Pakistan safe and exciting place to travel

BRUSSELS, Aug 30 (APP):A group of six Belgian tourists, who have recently returned from a two week long tour of Pakistan including three women sharing their experience of camping in high and mighty mountains and traveling through bustling city of Lahore, termed their stay in Pakistan as very enjoyable and comfortable in every way.

According to embassy of Pakistan,Brussels, the tour was organized by Belgium based tour operators by the name ‘Beyond Borders’. An experienced tour guide, David Dhaen lead the group. On their return here, they were invited by the embassy to share their experience of having an opportunity to visit diverse touristic sites in Pakistan. They appreciated the hospitality and warmth of people of Pakistan.

The Belgian tourists informed that they were very well received in Pakistan and discovered very exciting and scenic places. They were of the view that there was so much to explore in Pakistan but there is very little knowledge about these wonderful places, to the outside world.

Regarding security and safety aspects, the tourists were of the view that during their entire stay in Pakistan they felt secure and safe and there was not a single point where they felt any insecurity. The women also felt comfortable and safe and were of the view that now they could even think of traveling alone to Pakistan.

The Belgian tourists visited Islamabad, Lahore, Skardu, Deosai Plateau, Ghanche Valley Khaplu, K6 and K7 Base Camp. During their stay in the historical city of Lahore, the group had the opportunity to see the famous flag ceremony at the Wagah border and magnificent masterpieces of the Mughal period.

In the Northern Areas the group visited Skardu city in Gilgit region which is known as ‘gate’ to the eight thousanders of the Karakoram mountains and also visited Kharphocho Fort. The tourists also visited legendary Deosai plateau one of the highest in the world at the altitude of 4,114 meters.

The tourist guide, Dhaen informed that this was for the first time that he took a group to Pakistan and was planning to take more groups in future and would be organizing more focused visits according to varying interests, keeping in view the diversity and size of Pakistan.

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