Beware ! Multinational Company “D WATSON” selling expired products, carefully changes expiry dates


ISLAMABAD: Big multinational companies have started playing with the lives of Pakistanis.

“D WATSON” move has upset the lives of Pakistanis.

Read about the incident a citizen from Islamabad has to share, to aware.

He warns people to worry about the lives of their dearest children.

A few days ago I went to this big store which is called “D WATSON” in Blue Area Islamabad. I had to buy formula milk for my 1 year old baby.

When I saw the price I was a little surprised because everywhere COW & Gates (imported) sells for around Rs. 4200 but here it was selling for Rs. 3590.

He says that he was surprised and asked that the inflation in the country has come down to such an extent that it has made a difference of Rs.700.

He further said that its use upset his baby’s stomach and later he felt an unusual smell coming from the milk.

He explained that he was surprised that the price was too low and the baby did not like it. After a careful examination, he found out that the company had carefully changed the date from 18-02-2021 to 18-08-2021.

He took some pictures to show the world the truth. How accurately they changed the expiry date that human eye wouldnt even notice in a quick glance at it.

He requested everyone to Boycott this brand and make sure to properly read the expiry date of all the eatables bought from any store to avoid extreme health issues in the future.


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