Bicycle thief apprehended by UK Police

LONDON: Fifty-four-year-old Oxfordshire man accused of stealing hundreds of bicycles, over a period of five years, apprehended by local police. 

According to the British newspaper, Daily Mail, the Oxfordshire resident has been accused of stealing and storing hundreds of bicycles in an open space near his home, which have become discolored and infested by rats. The bicycles have reportedly been stolen and collected over the last five years, and have taken the form of a large dump pile, recently, which is also visible on Google Maps.

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Angered locals say they have suffered harm due to the rats infesting the area where the 54-year-old keeps the stolen bikes. Meanwhile, the accused was arrested on suspicion of possession of stolen goods and criminal property after the police received multiple complaints. According to the police, the majority of the since recovered bikes are stolen, and the authorities are now looking to find their rightful owners. 

The public and the police wonder how such a large number of bicycles could be gathered here. Why have they not been traced so far and why they have not been sold, what was the purpose of this theft? 

According to News 18, “The stash came to light after several neigbours got suspicious of the rising collection of bikes”. Colleen Butler, 53, is one of those neighbours who has lived on the street for approximately 32 years. Butler added that she made the first complaint almost four years ago, however, the number of bikes kept increasing. At times they would come in truckloads during the day, other times they would come during the night, she added.  

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According to local media reports, the accused reportedly stated that the bikes were meant to be given away to African children however, the pile only added up. The police have launched an investigation into the matter. It is pertinent to note that this area of Oxfordshire has been a major center of bicycle theft for many years. 

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