Biden’s team includes Kashmiris and Pakistanis, what roles will they play?

Baaghi TV: While many Muslims have won important positions in the new US ruling team so far, occupied Kashmir, which has been imprisoned for a year and a half, is also being given special importance. It is hoped that this will give Muslims a better place. 

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A new team is set to form a government in the United States, according to a World Report. There is turmoil in the countries that are violating human rights. Will trade facilities continue as before or will everything be taken away? Will the United States not stand in the way of gaining permanent membership in the Security Council?

Will other countries play the same role in propaganda against China as before?

These and numerous other questions are circulating in the media and top bureaucracies of many countries. The answer is being sought, given the consideration of personalities in the new government.

Standing Together for Peace

If there is adequate representation in the new government, there is hope for a better place in world politics in the future, otherwise no hope for a good spot, it is believed.

Some countries are also worried that on October 15, 2020, President-elect Joe Biden, addressing Muslims, said, “If I win the election, I will lift the travel ban on Islamic countries from day one. I believe you. I assure you that in my new cabinet, Muslims will be given adequate representation and the abuses committed against them in the past years will be rectified. I will work with you to eradicate the hatred in our society. I will take your opinion and give you respect, Muslims will be seen working in every department in my administration”.

He has proved his claims to be true. His team has also included in the orders issued on the first day the lifting of travel bans on Islamic countries. Let’s read about some of the names of the Muslims who have joined his team so far.

Naval Partnership for Peace

Ayesha Shah is a member of Digital Policy Making

The inclusion of two Kashmiri women in the new president’s team has caused mourning in India. The first woman is Ayesha Shah. Joe Biden has surprised world observers by calling her himself. She was named a key member of the US Digital Strategy Team on December 29, 2020.

Her position will be called “Partnerships Manager at the White House Office of Digital Strategy” because she could play a key role in developing and implementing the White House’s new digital policy, which is why questions are being asked about her in many countries.

Global politicians are exploring relationships to reach her. These are the words in every language, who are these women, whom the new ruler Joe Biden himself has called and offered to take over important government positions?

All that is known is that Ayesha’s parents, who are highly educated in IT, migrated from Kashmir to the United States, Louisiana, almost three decades ago. While Ayesha Shah specializes in IT in the United States. She is one of the most important, active and dynamic experts in the digital world.

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Samira Fazli is the Deputy Chairman of the National Economic Council

The surgeon father and the pathologist mother wanted their daughter to become a surgeon, but young Sameera wanted something else. From the beginning, she wanted to be in the public service. I want to do something for people, that’s what she told everyone. That’s why she joined the bank instead of the medical profession.

She was the head of the community development department at the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, from where Joe Biden chose, and took her to the White House to open new windows of progress. His colleagues say a whole new world was ahead of him when newly elected President Joe Biden announced that he wanted to include Samira in his economic team.

Samira Fazli, a graduate of Harvard College and Yale Law School, has served as deputy director of the White House’s National Economic Council. She also assists the President in formulating economic policies, and as an oversight body is responsible for ensuring the implementation of policies.

She has been a policy adviser to the same National Council under Obama and a senior adviser to the US Treasury Department on internal finance and international affairs. Her father moved to the United States from Srinagar in 1970 after the violence in occupied Kashmir. Samira was born in the United States. She last visited occupied Kashmir in 2007 but did not think of going there again after the sanctions.

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Her relatives were also on the streets in Srinagar against the abolition of Kashmir and the annexation of occupied Kashmir. That is why her name is a matter of concern in India. However, there is a celebration in the Fazli family. Her relatives say that a daughter of Kashmir has got an important place, it is a happy occasion for the whole of Kashmir.

She is keen to travel while swimming and tennis are no less interesting. She has a special attachment to her homeland Kashmir, and does not like to eat the food of any other country. She moved to Georgia with her husband and three children before moving to the White House.

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Azra Zia, Deputy Minister for Human Rights

Azra Zia, from a Muslim family, is a career diplomat. She has been selected for the post of Under Secretary for Human Rights. The ministry is a familiar thing to her. Outraged by Donald Trump’s human rights policies, she resigned in 2018. She also served as Assistant Secretary of the Ministry of Human Rights during the Obama administration and as Principal Deputy Assistant to the Bureau of Human Rights and Labor from 2012 to 2014.

“I’m proud to be the first American generation in my family,” she said in an interview. “My elders came to the United States in the 1960’s and settled here”. She was the first child born to her family in Chapel Hill (North Carolina). My father spoke very good English. My first language was English and my second was definitely Urdu.

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Reema Shah is a legal expert

Reema Shah, from New Jersey, graduated with a law degree from Harvard College and has worked as a judicial officer with the Solicitor General’s Office and with Justice Elena Kagan. Reema Shah says restoring trust in the US government is a difficult task.


Ali Zaidi, Associate Director for Natural Resources, Energy and Science

With regard to climate change, world-renowned Pakistani-born expert Ali Zaidi will provide advice to the White House on reducing and unsafe natural resources and increasing pollution. His liaison will be with the Office of the Management of Budget (OBM) in the United States.

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In terms of his position, he will be close to President Biden in the White House because, climate change is one of their first day priorities. Ali Zaidi has also been instrumental in tackling pollution with the Obama administration. He has been advising the Ministries of Energy and Environment since 2009. That’s why Biden added his name to the first team. He will still assist in the preparation of budgets for sectors such as agriculture, conservation, infrastructure and technology.

As such, with the help of experts, he will be able to come up with comprehensive proposals. His portfolio is close to $100 billion. He will also oversee the implementation of President Biden’s economic and environmental policies.

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