Biggest supplier of fake notes killed in Nepal

India: A man who worked as an agent of a neighbor country was shot dead outside his hideout in Nepal’s Kathmandu on September 19. Intel agencies told media that he was the biggest supplier of counterfeit notes in India.

The incident was caught on camera  where unidentified assailants shot the person.

He has been identified as Laal Mohammad (55) alias Mohammad Darji.

At the behest of a neighbor country, Lal Mohammad allegedly used to get fake Indian currency from Pakistan and Bangladesh to Nepal and then supply it to India from there.

According to the authorities, Laal Mohammad also had links to Dawood Ibrahim’s D-gang. He also provided asylum to other agents.

The CCTV footage shows how Laal Mohammad got down from a luxury car outside his house in the Gothatar area of Kathmandu. Moments later, two assailants open fire at him. Lal Mohammad tried to hide behind his car but the assailants continued firing.

The CCTV also reveals how Laal Mohammad’s daughter jumped from the first floor of the house to save her father. However, by the time she reached her father, the assailants had killed Laal Mohammad and managed to escape.