BJP MPA advises Muslim women not to wear headscarf outside

BJP MPA advises Muslim women not to wear headscarf outside

Feb 17, 2022: Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) lawmaker Sadhvi Pragya Thakur has made a controversial statement regarding the ongoing outrage over hijab (headscarf) in India.

Addressing a function in Bhopal, the BJP Lok Sabha MP told Muslim women in India: “There is no need to wear hijab outside, you can wear it in your homes as women are worshiped here in India.” Thakur — who is well-known for making incendiary comments — also stated that women “who do not feel safe or face any trouble at home need to wear hijab.”

According to ANI, Thakur said: “Where there is Hindu society, there is no need to wear hijab, it should be worn against those who look down on you.” She added that Muslim women should wear the hijab in madrassas, adding that it “should not be worn in schools or colleges.”

Her remarks came amid an ongoing controversy over the hijab in the Indian state of Karnataka, where Muslim hijab students are being barred from entering colleges. In the last few weeks, several videos have surfaced of young hijabi Muslim women being teased by Hindu men in saffron scarves. The state BJP government has also backed the dress code and insisted that Muslim women abide by it.

Petitions have been filed against this decision stating that what one chooses to wear is a fundamental right. So far, the Karnataka High Court has temporarily banned students from wearing hijab in educational institutions.

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