Black Box of the Indonesian Plane found

Lahore, 10th January: Indonesian authorities have discovered the black box of the Indonesian plane that crashed on Saturday soon after its take-off.

Baaghi TV: According to reports, Indonesian authorities on Sunday located the black boxes of the Sriwijaya Air jet.

According to reports, besides the black boxes, human body parts and suspected pieces of the plane were also retrieved from the plane that crashed into the sea soon after taking off from the capital Jakarta.

The Boeing 737-500 with 62 passengers and crew was headed to Pontianak in West Kalimantan on Saturday before it disappeared from radar screens four minutes after takeoff.

Indonesia National Transport Safety Committee chief Soerjanto Tjahjono said the locations of Flight SJ 182’s two black boxes had been identified.

Military chief Hadi Tjahjanto, without giving an estimated timeframe said, “Hopefully, we can retrieve them soon.”

Rescuers brought pieces of wreckage to Jakarta port. Authorities said they came from a depth of 23 metres (75 feet) near a group of islands off the Jakarta coast.

Indonesian authorities have found a twisted piece of metal painted in Sriwijaya Air’s blue and red colours has been found and they had also retrieved body parts and clothing.

To help identify the bodies, police has asked families to provide information such as dental records and DNA samples.

The plane had 12 crew and 50 passengers on board, all Indonesians and including seven children and three babies.

Indonesian President Joko Widodo had expressed his condolences over the disaster and urged the public to pray the missing people could be found.

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