Black Out: Major reason for power outage revealed

Lahore, 10th January: Power supply in most parts of the country will be restored soon.

Baaghi TV: Federal Energy Minister Omar Ayub Khan said on Sunday that power supply will be completely restored across the country within the next few hours.

Speaking at a press conference alongside Information Minister Shibli Faraz, he said a technical fault occurred at the Guddu power plant at 11:41 pm last night, due to which frequency in the national grid went down from 50 to zero in a matter of seconds, plunging most parts of the country into darkness.

Omar Ayub assured that the restoration process began after the Tarbela power plant was restarted. He added that the power supply has been restored in most parts of the country, including Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi, Multan, Faisalabad and Jhang.

He announced that the government would carry out a probe into why the fault occurred, and said, “Efforts are underway to determine the main cause of the breakdown.”

The minister has been updating the public through his official Twitter account:

The minister said that technical faults occur due to outdated system as no effort was made in the past to upgrade transmission lines.

He further revealed that 10,300-megawatt power was in the national grid last night and fault occurred at Guddu power plant, which tripped all powerhouses and grids.

He disclosed that Rs 3 billion is being spent to upgrade the transmission system for smooth power supply.

Watch the latest news on power supply across the country by clicking the link below:

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  1. samir sardana says

    The Power trip is a generation trip and not a failure of the transmission grid.

    When PLF crosses a certain level – any power plant can trip – and then the power grid softwares sends auto signals,to other power plants,to increase PLF,& then, they also trip.

    It is a good fail safe mode,as it is better than a case,where the power plant blows up or breaks down.

    But THIS power cut is a part of a plan -as even the Nuclear power plants tripped (since the entire Pakistan blacked out) – which makes no sense,as a N-Power takes time to start & stop – unless it is programmed,to stop the steam turbines,at a certain PLF

    So this part of the ADS & BMD strategy,of Pakistan,with the following aims:

    Test the panic among Pakistanis (and there was none)

    Ensure that the Pakistani GBR radars used for ADS & BMD have stand by power (on auto mode for 24 hours)

    Ensure that the Pakistani GBR radars and Silos used for land based N-Missiles,have stand by power (on auto mode for 24 hours)

    Ensure Pitch dark mode for the IAF when the Indian weasels launch a pre-emptive strike (for 8-10 hours of nightfall)

    Ensure Pitch dark mode for the IAF when the Indian weasels launch a counter to the Pakistani pre-emptive strike

    Ensure that all critical military hardware of the Pakistani military has auto power back up (in the day & night)

    Ensure that there is no thermal or signature of Pakistani generators feeding power to vital Pakistani military units

    But I take it 1 step further ! dindooohindoo

    It is a mock run by ISI to hack into Indian Power plants and trip the Indian Grid (which has tripped many times – but not all over India)

    For a nation of the scale and spread of India,excluding the hydropower plants,all else can be tripped ! And fi the Grid systems are tripped,then the power is out for the whole of India (which is Y,India has regional Grids)

    DPRK hacked into the Kudankalam N-Power plant.And they can do it again ! A DPRK-Pakistan JV can do wonders in India (based on the learnings of Kudankulam) !

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