Bollywood Actress Anushka Sharma Speaks Up Against Jamshedpur Rape Case

Mumbai (3rd Aug, 2019): Indian actress Anushka Sharma on Twitter condemned the rape and beheading of a 3 year old girl in Jamshedpur, India. 

According to reports Baaghi TV, Anushka Sharma too to Twitter to speak up against the barbarity of the situation. Sharma who is popularly known for promoting women’s causes, stated that the culprits should be punished severely so as to stop future perpetrators from committing similarly heinous crimes.

She posted, “This is so inhuman and vile”.

In another tweet, Sharma added, “I hope and wish and urge justice is brought upon this atrocity at the earliest”.

Filmmaker Abhunav Sinha, has apparently retweeted the Sharma’s tweet writing, “This is just the start. We have a sleepy wild animal inside ourselves. That animal is awakening slowly slowly”.


Stay tuned to Baaghi TV for more updates.

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