‘Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2019’ helps to early detention of disease

ISLAMABAD, Oct 1 (APP):To create awareness and educate women about Breast Cancer in Pakistan, Medical experts on Tuesday stressed that early detection, treatment and self examination of ‘Breast cancer’ can save the lives of thousands of women in the country.

Talking to private news channel, Radiation Oncology Consultant & Cancer specialist Dr Sabir Hussain explained the Breast Cancer Awareness Month marked in countries across the world including Pakistan on every October 01, which helps to increase attention and support for the awareness, early detection and treatment as well as palliative care of this disease.

The incidence of breast cancer was continuously increasing in young girls and awareness is the only key to survival, he added.

The majority of deaths occur in low-and middle-income countries, where most women with breast cancer are diagnosed in late stages due mainly to lack of awareness on early detection and barriers to health services, specialist said.

Dr Sabir said that the main reason of high growing breast cancer is Pakistani traditional society was that there is no system of collecting data and to keep record of cancer cases.

Major causes of disease among women are obesity, overweight and aversion to breastfeeding, he highlighted.

He said, breast feeding is a natural mode to prevent the ailment often construed to be terminal.
Most women who are diagnosed with early stage (I and II) breast cancer and receive treatment can expect a favorable outcome, with 5-year survival rates of 90%, he assured. All types of cancer if diagnosed at an early stage can be fully curable, he mentioned.

Expert said mortality rates among cancer patients from developing countries had almost doubled in recent years.Health experts said early signs of the disease include a lump in the breasts, abnormal appearance of the skin and nipple discharge. Expert say that the increase in the cases of breast cancer is also because most patients delay in getting help.

Another Oncologist Dr. Awais Amjad Malik said they consider it against society’s norms to inform others about the disease or delay seeking help due to psychological barriers. Experts stressed on the need for self assessment and simpler dietary routines for women.
They stressed upon the need of self-examination regularly and search for the minor changes occurring in the body.

They must share any changes being observed to the doctor at the earliest, Dr Awais said.
Dr said that early diagnosis and timely treatment could help avoiding life threatening complications.
Pink Ribbon in Pakistan with the collaboration of hospitals are also arranging different events in schools on breast cancer awareness, Dr informed.
A large number of doctors, nurses, medical students, paramedical staff and others joined the walk to create awareness among citizens, especially women, regarding the diseases, specialists says.
The government, media, youth and organisations should play their active part for this campaign that can use this month as an opportunity to raise awareness, generate funds and provide information on prevention and treatment of breast cancer.

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