#BringBackSarmadSultan, a young humanitarian disappears mysteriously

Lahore, 2nd April: Sarmad Sultan, a renowned human rights activist has gone missing. 

According to the report of Baaghi TV, a 25-year-old historian and humanitarian goes missing mysteriously in Pakistan.

Followers of Sarmad Sultan expressed concerns after he was reported to be unreachable through his contact numbers and went missing from his social media accounts.

People on Twitter have raised their voice over his sudden disappearance and call out to the authorities to take serious notice of the incident.

A Twitter trend #BringBackSarmadSultan started on Friday after his followers noticed that his Twitter account doesn’t exist anymore.

A user wrote, “It has been confirmed that Sarmad Sultan is disappeared since the last 2 days just because he was raising his voice for missing persons.”

A Twitterati wrote, “#BringBackSarmadSultan started to trend after there was outcry he’s disappeared. Then some tweeps said they had talked to his wife, he was mourning the death of her aunt and would remain off the grid for 40 days. Others say he was not married and his Twitter account is inactive.”

When the political activist Reham Khan addressed the issue of his sudden disappearance from social media, Taha Siddiqui, a journalist from NY Times and The Guardian replied, “Yes his sudden disappearance is very suspicious. We interacted a few times. He was quite critical of the military and now if all his comms are off – it’s all very strange. Hope we hear from him soon.”

A user mentioned, “Sarmad Sultan is in Isolation in Northern Areas by the recommendation of advisors.”

A user shared the last location where Sarmad Sultan was tracked, “According to his Phone details his Last location is near Bari imam Darbar Islamabad The situation is really serious But we are in search of him By the grace of almighty Allah Kareem we will succeed in his search Inshaallah.”

In this regard, Amnesty International South Asia also expressed their concern and tweeted, “Amnesty International is alarmed with reports of the disappearance of activist Sarmad Sultan. He must be returned immediately.”

It is still not clear whether Sarmad Sultan was abducted or is attending to some family problem, but people on social media have clearly hinted that he was raising his voice for the oppressed and now he has been captured by agencies.

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