Britain braces unexpected severe weather overnight

Lahore, 5th April: The Meteorological Department had predicted that the cold weather would continue in the UK, with snowfall in different parts of the country during Easter.

However, Arctic winds entered the UK overnight and the temperature remained below freezing due to snowfall and severe blizzard.

The Meteorological Department had forecast snowfall in some parts of northern Scotland, but weather forecasters said temperatures were now expected to drop steadily but there would be no snowfall.

Despite the cold weather, people were instructed that they should only visit their friends and family outside their homes.

A survey by Sansbury found that more than 51% of British households had planned a barbecue or picnic program at Easter this year. However, due to snowstorms and snowfall in Fife, Stretch Lloyd and the Highlands, the programs got in danger.

According to the Meteorological Department, up to 15 cm of snow is expected in the upper areas. The Meteorological Department had issued a yellow warning from 6 pm on Sunday. 

Craig Sunil of the Meteorological Department said that although snowfall is not uncommon in this part of the year, many people were shocked by the change in weather.

Despite the inclement weather, British citizens celebrated Good Friday with enthusiasm and large numbers of people flocked to parks and coastal areas.

The Metropolitan Police has issued a long weekend warning in view of the proposed protests, urging people not to gather in large numbers. Police have warned that action will be taken where necessary in case of violation of the law.

However, Arctic winds entered the UK overnight and caused heavy snowfall, with freezing temperatures of up to -7 Celsius.

The temperature was very low even on Monday morning as the cold north winds were blowing. The mercury has risen to freeze point with 1 degree in the north and barely in the south.

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