Britain seeks G7 ‘show of unity’ against Russia over Ukraine crisis

Dec 11, 2021: The world’s wealthiest democracies will try to present a united front against Russian aggression against Ukraine on Saturday when Britain hosts a meeting of foreign ministers in the northern English city of Liverpool.

The G7 summit, which is to be attended by US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and his counterparts from France, Italy, Germany, Japan and Canada in person, is taking place amid international concern that Russia could invade Ukraine even as Russia denies planning any attack.

“What the G7 meeting this weekend .. is about, is about a show of unity between like-minded major economies, that we are going to absolutely be strong in our stance against aggression, against aggression with respect to Ukraine,” British foreign minister Liz Truss told reporters ahead of the talks.

Earlier this week Truss said the “age of introspection” for the West was over and it needed to wake up to the dangers of rival ideologies. She has highlighted the economic risks of Europe’s dependence on Russian gas and the wider security threat posed by Chinese technology as examples.

Ukraine is at the center of a crisis in Eastern and Western relations as it accuses Russia of amassing tens of thousands of troops in preparation for a possible large-scale military strike. Russia has accused Ukraine and the United States of “destabilizing behavior” and said it needed security guarantees to protect itself.

The UK, as the current chair of the G7, is urging its members to be tougher in their defense of the so-called “free world”.

As a result of the G7 summit, a common demand is expected from Iran to take advantage of the ongoing talks in Vienna to moderate its nuclear program and restore its multilateral agreement on nuclear development.

Germany, which will take over the G7 leadership from the UK next year, will set its agenda for 2022 at the summit. Ministers from the European Union, Australia, South Korea and India will attend some sessions as G7 guests with representatives of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN).

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