British man becomes first to acquire 3D printed eye

Britain: According to Moorfields Eye Hospital in London, a British patient becomes the first to be given a 3D printed eye in the world. 

Steve Verze, aged 47 from east London, was given an artificial 3D left eye on Thursday. He had tried it for size earlier this month. According to Moorfields Eye Hospital, this is the first fully digital prosthetic eye that was created for a patient.
The prosthetic is more realistic than previously made alternatives, and it has clearer definition and gives real depth to the pupil. Other prosthetic eyes consist of an iris hand-painted onto a disc that is then embedded into the eye socket.
However, the hospital admits that their design does not allow light from passing fairly into the “full depth” of the eye.
The eye appears more realistic and the procedure is considered less invasive.
Instead of needing a mold to be taken of the eye socket, the 3D prosthetic eye development the socket is scanned digitally in order to create a detailed image.
Verze’s functional eye was also scanned to ensure both eyes look the same.
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