Broadsheet Case: PML-N leader objects to committee, what has been said?

According to Baaghi TV, PML-N leader Ataullah Tarar has said that the case of Hamza Shahbaz was pending in the Supreme Court for bail. The Supreme Court has remanded the case to the High Court.

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Ataullah Tarar said that Hamza Shahbaz has been in jail for 19 months. The issue of delay in NAB cases will be taken up in the High Court. Legal points on long detention in NAB cases will be discussed, the report was sent by the trial court. The report said that the trial could take another 10 to 12 months. Hamza Shahbaz’s name is in the ECL. The human rights aspect will be taken up in the High Court if he is detained unnecessarily.

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Ataullah Tarar further said that so far 5 out of 110 witnesses have been cross-examined. Tarar said that keeping any person in custody indefinitely is a violation of human rights. Shehzad Akbar has not been coming and handing over papers for a long time. Hopefully, Hamza Shahbaz will get bail from the High Court. When the Broadsheet agreement was reached, Sheikh Azmat was the NAB prosecutor. PML-N’s policy on Broadsheet issue is clear, Sheikh Azmat does not have the right to investigate the Broadsheet case.

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The Supreme Court disposed of the bail application on the ground of withdrawal. Justice Sardar Tariq Masood asked, do you want to fight the case on merit or on the basis of hardship? Lawyer Amjad Pervez replied in court that we are seeking bail on hardship. My client has been in jail for 7 months a year.

Justice Sardar Tariq Masood said that hardship was not mentioned in the High Court. How can the Supreme Court look into the issue of hardship? The lawyer said the circumstances at the time and the arrests were less than a year old. Hardness was not mentioned because, at that time, there was no ground for hardship.

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Justice Sardar Tariq Masood said that the point which was not raised in the High Court, how can we hear it? Justice Yahya Afridi remarked that it would be appropriate to approach the High Court after the report of the accountability court. Hamza Shahbaz’s lawyer said that no one can be detained indefinitely. When he applied for bail, no reference was filed against Hamza. The charge was Rs.7 billion and the reference was Rs.53 crore.

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