American Lycetuff School Teacher beats his Student to Death


Lahore: The saying “Only Love no Hate” goes wrong in an American Lycetuff School located in Lahore as Male Teacher beats his matric student until he dies.

According to detalis Male Teacher of Gulshan Ravi branch of American Lycetuff School beats his student to death as he did not learn the lesson. He beats the student in a draconian way. He punches  on his face and beats his head on the wall. Student feels undistrub and did not feel good at all. Some of his class felows brought him to hospital where he died after sometimes. The boy was a matric student and his only crime was that he did not learn his lesson.

On the other hand, Education Minister of Punjab Dr Murad Raas said that the death of an innocent child is shocking and Police arrest the teacher who beats the student to death.

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