Bureaucracy still Nawaz Sharif’s slave: Special Report

Lahore: Bureaucracy is still Nawaz Sharif’s slave, corrupt officials of Sharif’s are Muslims, supporters of the PM Khan are dishonest, special report.

According to reports, Prime Minister Imran Khan is currently being held hostage by the bureaucracy, and the bureaucracy is still a slave because of Nawaz Sharif. Prime Minister Imran Khan, who wants to eradicate corruption from the country and get rid of corrupt officials and bureaucrats, has allegedly lost because even today there are powerful people in the bureaucracy who support pro-Nawaz Sharif officials and adhere to the case protection policy.

According to reports of Baaghi TV, the bureaucracy is agreeing that if they want to save their future, they have to save Nawaz Sharif, his favorites not only have to be saved, but also an iron wall has to be built around them so that Imran Khan cannot take effective action against them. In this regard, when Baaghi TV studied the vision of the Prime Minister and reviewed the action taken against the corrupt officials under the orders of the Prime Minister, dangerous facts came to light.

The bureaucracy has become a strong lobby that seems to be subordinate to Imran Khan, but under the guise of helping, is in fact supporting Nawaz Sharif’s and his followers. Considering the many existing issues in place, it can be said and it is also proved that the bureaucracy is working to make Imran Khan useless. They are creating such conditions that the officials favoring Imran Khan’s vision, are trapped in the predicament of saving themselves by being indebted to their superiors for saving their jobs.

Baaghi TV has covered many such issues, but, among them, the police department has been investigated for inquiries as per the order of the Prime Minister, and it has come to light that the police officers who are privileged by Nawaz Sharif have been saved from investigations and inquiries, and there is strong evidence of this. On the contrary, top bureaucrats are getting bogged down in such issues in order to put a “standing line” on the officers who prefer Imran Khan’s vision. After which it can be said that if Imran Khan himself did not listen to the concerns of these officers, then the affairs will get out of the hands of the Prime Minister.

In this regard, first of all, to know the reality of the propaganda in the media regarding the former CCPO Lahore Omar Sheikh and the departmental inquiries against Omar Sheikh were reviewed. Omar Sheikh was deliberately included in the list of corrupt officials against whom an investigation was decided. The names of bureaucrats who have taken such steps against Omar Sheikh have come to light whose fabric is similar to that of Nawaz Sharif.

The procedure of inquiries against Omar Sheikh was also not adopted. The ongoing investigation against Omar Sheikh also ignored the basic principles and rules on the basis of which, the inquiry against the officers is intended.

Let’s see what this policy of the government was and what decisions were intended based on it.

In the presence of the legal framework, officers who have completed 20 years of service and are not eligible for government service will be retired prematurely. For this purpose, instructions have been issued by the Prime Minister’s Office to the Ministries, Divisions and other government agencies. Reasons for early retirement have been announced and include:

1. Those who have received average remarks in the performance review report (PER, formerly known as ACR), or their PER has received three or more bad remarks from three different officers.

2. Those who have been recommended by the Central Selection Board (CSB), Department Selection Board (DSB) or Department Promotion Board (DPB) to be removed twice and put in their place, or the promotion of this officer has not been recommended twice by the High Authority Selection Board and these recommendations have been approved by the competent authority.

3. Those who have been found guilty of corruption or have made a plea bargain or have voluntarily returned money to the NAB or any investigating agency.

4. Those who have been placed in “C” category more than once by CSB, DSB or DPC under Civil Servants Promotion (BS 18 ؍ 21) Rules 2019.

5. Whose attitude is indecent. The Retirement Board and the Retirement Committee have already been notified. A Retirement Board will be constituted for the early retirement of officers of 20th grade and above, comprising the Chairman, Federal Public Service Commission, who will be the Chairman of the Board.

Other members will include the Head or Secretary of the Cabinet Division, Establishment Division, Finance Division, Ministry of Law and Justice Division and the concerned division. Retirement committees were set up by the government for the early retirement of officers of grades 19 or below.

Each division or department will have different retirement committees which will recommend to the competent authority the early retirement of such officers. The Retirement Committee for Grades 17 to 19 will be chaired by an Additional Secretary or Senior Joint Secretary from the respective division.

The committee will consist of the head of Establishment Division, Finance Division, Law Division and the concerned department or officer. The Chairman of the Retirement Committee constituted for Grade 16 and below shall be the Joint Secretary or Senior Joint Secretary of the concerned Division.

Other members will include the Establishment Division, Finance Division, Law Division and the head of the relevant office or department. To implement this new scheme, all federal ministries and divisions have been directed to prepare a list of government employees who have met the stipulated criteria for their employment and can be included in such categories, and who can retire early.

These boards and committees will send their recommendations to the competent authority. If the competent authority agrees with these recommendations, a notice of reasons will be issued to the said civil servant stating the reasons for his early retirement, as well as request to the officer to appear in person and attend the hearing.

Orders for early retirement will be issued if the competent authority is satisfied that it is not in the public interest to retain the said officer after receiving the reply to the notice of reasons and the opportunity for a personal hearing.

Let us look further within Omar Sheikh’s case!

The ongoing investigation against Omar Sheikh does not fall under the above policy and even if it is included on the basis of preconceived notions, then the policy designed by the government must be kept in mind.

Under this principle, the ongoing investigation against Omar Sheikh is being repeatedly presented to supersede the code. However, the principle is that if the case of an officer is presented once, then the matter will be presented before the committee only once a year, not repeatedly. While violating the code of conduct by repeatedly presenting the case of Omar Sheikh i.e. Supersed before the completion of one year. Which shows that this is a lobby that wants discrimination against Omar Sheikh in any case.

During the investigation, it was also revealed that the policy is that if the officer is superseded, he is again presented before the Promotion Board after one year and after one year, if necessary, he is superseded.

Meanwhile, it was also revealed that if an officer is suppressed, the reasons for the 15-day incarceration are given but I was not told. This shows that the board was not giving reasons so that there would be no legal action against them. In this regard, the petitioners went to the Lahore High Court and the High Court declared the petitioner correct and asked the board to state the reasons for superseding.

Moreover, it has been revealed that the board deliberately stated the reasons for filing the case in the Supreme Court, but the game was played on that occasion and only two or three days were given so that the case could be heard.

The policy was to have two super sedations, plea bargaining with the NAB, as well as three ACR cases during this period, officers whose pre-corruption cases were proved will be forced to retire.

In this regard, when reviewed, it was also revealed that a big game is being played to save the personal servants of the Prime Minister, namely the officers. In this regard, three ACRs are under discussion against IG Salahuddin. Efforts are being made to save him, as well as that of an FIA officer who took commissions on arms purchases and involved high-ranking KP police officers. The name has also been removed. According to Baaghi TV, the government has now been given strange advice by top bureaucrats, according to which officers who were their own have been rescued and police officers with no political affiliation are being brought in to be apprehended.

After investigating all these incidents, it has come to light that those who are conducting inquiries against these officers are themselves accused. In this regard, it is learned that officers like Akbar Durrani, against whom there are three ACRs, are in office and there is no inquiry against them.

The other big bureaucrat, Dr. Ijaz Manirjo, who is the Secretary Establishment, is himself an accused and approved Bahauddin University, on a piece of paper. It is also learned that a lava is waiting to erupt in the bureaucracy in this regard and there may be protests against such corrupt officials, who are playing with the future of others and protecting themselves. The door of the courts can also be knocked against them.

During the investigation, it was also learned that along with Omar Sheikh, Ahmed Ishaq Jahangir, who is the DIG, is also being investigated against the code. According to Baghi TV, Captain Feroz Shah, Azhar Rashid Khan, Ezra Jamali are the central Punjab bureaucracy against whom this ploy is going on and Nawaz Sharif’s touts.

As a result of these investigations, a dangerous thing has come to light that this game is being played against such officers who are from South Punjab. They are from Balochistan and Sindh as well as those who are not from PML-N.


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