Bushra Ansari pays tribute to the Police officers


Lahore, 17th January: Pakistani actress Bushra Ansari has paid a tribute to the policemen and asked the public to respect the police.

Baaghi TV: Bushra Ansari on Sunday shared a video on social media paying tribute to the police officers who were present on the Lahore Motorway.

In her video, she is seen giving a very important message about road safety too.

Bushra Ansari informed through her video, “I have seen the motorway for the first time and it is a shame that I never came on the motorway even though I was living in Pakistan.”


Bushra Ansari also said in her video, “Today I have come to the motorway where the policemen present have given me a lot of love. Police officers here are performing their duties very well and through me, they wanted to tell the people about road safety.”

While giving a very important message about road safety, Bushra Ansari said that the most basic thing is that your life is very important and the lives of others should also be of great significance to you.

Therefore, always wear seat belts while travelling and do not turn on the headlights too much and do not overtake.

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