Case registered against Iman Mazari for targeting Pakistan Army

Islamabad: A case has been registered against Iman Mazari for spreading propaganda against the Pakistan Armed Forces leadership. According to reports, at the request of the Judge Advocate General, a case has been registered against Iman Mazari, daughter of Shireen Mazari.

According to the petition, the Advocate General said that the door of justice was knocked under the protection afforded by the Constitution and the law. He said that it was always said that the Pakistan Army was taking action against the accusers and slanderers instead of taking legal action. Thereby, the door of justice was knocked by the plaintiffs on the misconduct against the army leadership.

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On the basis of this, a case has been registered against Iman Mazari, at the request of the Judge Advocate General. The case was registered at Ramna Police Station, Islamabad under the provisions of Case 505/138.

The FIR states that on May 21st between 5 and 6 pm, Iman Mazari, daughter of Shireen Mazari, made publicly fabricated, baseless allegations against the Pakistan Army and its Chief, COAS General Qamar Javed Bajwa. It has also been said that the army leadership was deliberately targeted with the intention to provoke the army’s rank.

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The FIR further said that the move could have created hatred within the Pakistan Army, which is a serious crime. To make this statement is tantamount to inciting the officers and men of the Pakistan Army to disobey the orders. It is a crime against the state to intimidate the people with claims of the immorality of the Pakistan Army and the COAS. Strict legal action should be taken against Iman Mazari under the relevant laws. The trial has reportedly been initiated after the military resorted to legal means.

Case registered against Iman Mazari for targeting Pakistan Army | Baaghi TV

The law and the Constitution protect the Pakistan Army from such misconduct. Will Pakistan’s media and civil society raise its voice for justice in the same way as it does for others? Today, the military has adopted the path of law and justice to seek justice. Getting justice will create a tradition of knocking on the door of law in every case by the institution. It is a historic occasion for the justice system of the country to decide this case on 100% merit. Being a woman, being innocent, should not be justified. The Pakistan Army should implement the law on the protection afforded in the constitution.

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